What To Do When Divorce Seems Like The Only Way Out

Love unites a couple, but it is the lack of the same love due to which divorce happens. It is a controversial and sensitive topic but way more intense than a breakup. Separation can lead to break down and with kids around, things get even more complicated and unwanted. That is why people consider it the last solution when they know that nothing is going to be okay by being in the marriage.

Divorce- Call Of The Time

In the present situation of our society, marriage has become a higher level of dating. People get married in a haste but without having proper reasons, they wound up getting divorce. The pursuit of finding the best person to court, they try to move on and then what follows is another divorce. People at times enter the relationship with the hope that things will get better. With the increased expectations, the foundations of divorce began. The mere thought that you can change a person or he/she will change with time is nothing more than a myth.

If Love Leads To Marriage, What Makes It Go Away?

You might be wondering the same thing. Well, earlier it was the parents or the family members who decide whom their son/daughter will marry and at times they hardly get a chance to know their partners.

Over time, things changed and these, days the couples decide for themselves and tie the knot. Even before tying the knot, they spend tons of quality time together to know each other well. They have been around for long or even been in a live-in relationship, but then the dimensions change as marriage is demanding and requires domestication and adjustments. These two qualities are rare to be found which leads to a series of misunderstandings and fights, finally resulting in a divorce.

Honestly, there are many reasons for divorce. Let’s see the common factors which lead to divorce, or check out the video below:

Being Ambitious or Highly Career Oriented

Like it or not, the over-importance of career has lead to high divorce rates. The partner needs to travel or devote more working hours to the job, resulting in a lack of communication or being together creating a gap and resulting in divorce.

Importance to Parents or Siblings

Marriage should not result in detachment with parents or old relations, but at times, too much interference from the family could be overwhelming as well as annoying, giving the couple no privacy which leads to divorce. A clear line has to be drawn, and respect and importance of relations have to be kept to save the marriage.

Trust Factor

Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship and infidelity can shake and break a relationship. You need to trust your partner, and simultaneously one has to maintain the trust by being loyal. This is essential for the relationship to survive. Even a small speck of distrust can break the relation and spread complete bitterness in the moments of togetherness. This was confirmed by one of the divorce lawyer singapore we spoke to. He emphasised the importance of trust and has seen many couples broke up due to loss of trust.

Participation in the Relation

Marriage is about contributing to the relation and togetherness. Once you are married, the things will change, you have to pick up the responsibilities, participate in the chores and finances. You have to take care of the well-being of your partner.

Also once you become a parent, you might get less time to do things just like the newly-wed couples. This will be definitely the changing times and will test you and your love. Maintaining a healthy relationship with kids around and juggling between work and home is all the more complicated. While sailing through these tough times, the relation can break and lead to divorce.

Giving No Space

Who likes to have a nagging partner, or a partner who clings on to you 24/7? Thus not giving space or at times giving too much of space can lead to divorce. Marriage is about the balance and little misbalance calls for quitting.

Impact On Life After Divorce

If in all your feeble ways you have tried, but nothing has worked, then divorce is the only way out to free yourself. It is not easy to stay in a relationship that is giving you so much stress. If the thought of divorce has come to you then the relationship has died long before, only the stamp of the court is remaining to give the final verdict to it.

Going for divorce in any society can be overwhelming. Even though it is common, still once divorced, everyone sees you as a divorcee, it becomes your most prominent identity, and the rest follow later. Even for a civilized progressive society, the word divorce is still too contrary, and it questions your existence.

The impact of divorce is nothing less than a roller coaster ride just like the marriage. How it particularly impacts the:

  1. Couple: No matter what but once there was love and getting over it is not easy. Moving on is easier said than actually practiced. Physical, emotional and financial aspects are to considered and weighing their aspect, the process of divorce has to be initiated. It is not easy to divorce even the court suggests to try for counseling and the family also suggests the same.

As an old saying goes, marriages are made in heaven and divorce is evil. It is true that divorce can affect the couple and can damage their personality to a very great extent. Financial independence or mutual assets are to be assessed before the divorce so that things can be still better.

  1. Kids: It is commonly said that couples can divorce but parents cannot. The couple can continue to stay away and be different, but for the sake of their kids, they have to work as a team. Co-parenting is the resort, and for the sake of the kids, they need to be together.

Divorce can be genuinely damaging; affecting the kids very deeply. However, being open with kids about the fact and talking to them is the only solution. Making them assured of your presence and your love for them can reverse the damage.

When divorce is the only solution, and you both know it, then it’s better to go for it. Because, taking the weight of a dead relationship is more devastating than seeking a divorce. Just make sure you make the right choice when selecting a divorce lawyer.

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